McGannon Showrooms 1617 Hi Line Drive #700 Dallas, Texas 75207 (214) 748-1828
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Privacy and Security

McGannon Showrooms is committed to respecting your privacy. We use the information you give us to process quotes and requests and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. We will not sell or disclose any information to a third party.

We use data collected from you primarily to process quotes and requests, notify you of the status of your request, send newsletters, or send targeted marketing information, special product offers, or other information that we believe might interest you.

At any time if you should choose, you can e-mail us at with unsubscribe in the subject line and we will remove you from our list. Our customers have taught us a lot over the years, especially when it comes to finding what they need. That's why we redesigned our website navigation to make it easier for you to find our furniture. If you have feedback, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us how we can better serve you and your clients.